Monday, February 23, 2009


I was bugging hubby before Valentine's Day as to where he was bringing me on this romantic day when he let peek that he was cooking.

In my mind, I gasped... "Cooking?!?!?! So unromantic... *hmph*"
But, seeing him taking the extra effort to study the ingredients from a menu he found online, made me think that being romantic is really how you define it to be.
Everyday can be in fact, Valentine's Day! :D

And I guess, pictures speak a thousand words....

the final product?

A meal made with lots of love!

with help from recipes from Jamie Oliver

Of course I did my part for Valentines, by making mushy heart shaped strawberry flavored buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup for breakfast which I will spare all your eyes :D

And a recipe I stole from Channel News Asia for dessert to complement hubby's dinner...

Lime ice with pineapple


a slice of pineapple

20 limes

mint leaves (I didn't use fresh ones, bought the bottled one)





1) Squeeze the 20 limes and sieve out the seeds

2) Add the same amount of water and sugar syrup (to taste) to the squeezed lime

3) freeze the mix and occassionally take it from the freezer and use a fork to scratch the ice **

4) use a cookie cutter to cut the pineapple to your favourite shape

5) coat the pineapple with sugar and mint leaves!

** to note: Do not wait for the mix to be totally frozen to scratch it as you may not get the desired texture you want. The texture should be like ice-kachang's crushed ice :)


Jump Start Bento

I haven't been cooking.

I have been lazy.

Recently, I was inspired to cook for hubby.

Then again, I was still lazy.

So the thought was left in cold storage.

Sis asked me just a week ago if I was interested in Bento making and I thought that it would be a really good jump start to the new year! Since I was too lazy to cook proper meals, maybe I should start with simpler stuff. Bento making seemed so easy!

This week, we start. I take mondays.

And finally, after a week of menu thinking and a day of grocery shopping and of course a day of thinking of what to clear from my fridge, I present to you, my bento :)

I like the colors, and I found my best pal - Broccolli :)

I don't totally agree when people tell me that Bentos are great to put whatever that's leftover. In a conscientious effort to have a balanced color meal, I think I have wasted as much as I have cooked :D

And hubby knows me best when he casually walked into the kitchen whilst I was preparing the bento and asked me "so... how much food are you going to waste this time round?"

Ok ok...
note to self - Next time I will get my portions right and not waste anything. If I do, may I turn to a pink pig with an empty stomach :) *oink*