Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Goodbye Oasis

Well, as usual, everything in Singapore that has some bit of sentimental value is gonna be removed/demolished.

I remember the old days when my parents would bring me to Oasis for porridge and I would be thrilled to see cups with metal holders. I can't really remember the details, but the image of that cup was vividly etched into my memory.

I could also remember the days as I was always very excited as it was like travelling to another part of Singapore, eating while 'floating' on water! (well, you do know kids are rather easy to please)

29th March 2008 was the last day Oasis Taiwan Porridge was in operation near the old national stadium (that is also due for demolition).

I was one of the few that made a special trip there. It was great eating there again.

Seeing the news crew interview people who have made that special trip there, seeing the waitresses serve tea in the cups with metal holders, seeing the porridge being scooped out from the igloo containers, seeing the cooks and staff clear the kitchen partially. It was like trying to capture all the many memories that are left and keeping it safe into a locket, hoping that when the day is over and they close for good, those memories will be kept safely into our hearts.

Goodbye Oasis, see you at Toa Payoh in April 08



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