Monday, July 28, 2008

I Heart Cream Pasta

I never really liked pasta. It seemed so difficult just to get the pasta to be "al dente". It was rather a love-hate relationship. I hated the cooking bit but loved the taste of it... especially cream pasta.

But since my blog has hit a rock bottom, I thought that it could do with a little jump start with a simple recipe handed to me by my sister :) I think it was taken off the internet but not too sure exactly where, so I haven't given any credits.


100g pasta

200ml whipping cream

1 heaped tsp of minced garlic

20g butter

a handful of sliced white mushrooms


1) Boil pasta in pot of lightly salted water for approximately 8 minutes

2) drain the pasta and run it over cold water

3) Prepare the cream sauce by melting the butter over small fire

4) Add the garlic and mushrooms and fry for a while, before allowing the mushrooms to simmer until cooked and soft

5) Pour in the whipping cream slowly and stir the sauce (ensure that the fire is not too hot or the sauce may dry up)

6) Quickly add in the pasta and stir it with the cream sauce for a few seconds

7) And its ready to eat!

I boiled some beans and carrots to go with the pasta for fear that it might get a little too creamy. But my fears went unfounded. The pasta was really yummy! But my personal opinion was that the cream sauce was too little, so if you really like cream sauce pasta, you might want to add in more whipping cream!

R's verdict was that it was even nicer than restaurant standards!!! :D

What a lovely compliment to end the week!!!

*Edited 8 August 2008*

Another version of my cream pasta!!!!! Love the heart pastas :) You could add lots of ham into it!! Yums