Monday, August 28, 2006

A new twist, A new taste

So many things have been happening at home that I had hardly any time to cook. My parents' health has been on the down-side and it probably isn't a good time to be whipping out cakes, muffins and anything heavy. Don't get me wrong but this blog will not be transformed into a "healthier choice" blog, but of course I will try to watch what I add in when I am cooking/turbo-boiling anything for them to eat.

This weekend I was only in charge of taking photos. My dad decided to put his culinary skills to the test after years of being a couch potato and the occassional trips to the kitchen to cook instant noodles. He has been telling us how he used to make good spaghetti in his old student days [and my mum would just snigger at his comment] and after I made spaghetti a few weeks ago, it sort of ignited the enthusiastic fire in him again :)

And here it is, presenting dad's spaghetti.

Ingredients and directions:

Place about 1/2 to 3/4 pack of spaghetti (depending on number of people) into a pot and bring to boil
Boil the spaghetti with a pinch of salt until the spaghetti becomes soft and al-dente (meaning not too cooked and not too uncooked but just right but I just never get it right)

Immediately after spaghetti becomes al-dente, place the spaghetti under cool water and place to drain and dry

While the spaghetti is draining, heat up a pan and grease it slightly with olive oil

Fry a handful of onions, capsicum and then place a teaspoon of garlic

Place the spaghetti into the pan and stir fry, adding in tomatoes, mushrooms and tomato ketchup

Basically a recipe that I cannot decipher as I cannot cook based on estimation *sigh*

It looks quite like mee goreng and looks a bit like chinese noodles. I can't really place a name or style to it, and that basically explains the title of this post - A new twist, a new taste :)