Friday, January 26, 2007

Food Forecast 2007

Poached the idea of a food forecast 2007 off from daintybites.. hehe

* start baking *

Realised its been eons since i blogged about food! Not that I have not been eating but its because my camera's memory is full to the brim and I have yet to clear it (oops ... oh, you mean, I have used this excuse before?)

* Cook mains *

Another thing I am aspiring to do - cook decent mains. My mains very often turn out too salty, too much water, too dry, too this and too that... Now, I think this year is a pretty good year to set out to start on cooking decent mains....

* More deserts and fruits *

Have decided to make more deserts and at the same time incorporate more fruits in them... to add a more fruity twist... hopefully can think of something extraordinary to do this year!!!

Have you got your food forecast already? :p