Monday, April 21, 2008

Salmon Steak

Fish - A luxury to my hubby.


Well, fish has always been well avoided because, to me, it was deemed to be troublesome to prepare and difficult to cook. (As you may recall that I often imagine myself fighting with a fish in the wok with a ladel on one hand and the cover of the pan in the other, jumping around, avoiding the oil splatter) You may also realise that most of the food posted on my blog are meat items. :)

I didn't know what gave me the courage to purchase 2 salmon steaks to prepare over the weekend.


2 salmon steaks (from the Japanese supermart)
6 tbsp teriyaki sauce (mine has mirin in it, so if yours doesn't, you might consider adding some mirin)

1) marinate with a few dashes of pepper over the salmon and rub it in
2) I left my salmon in the fridge until I was ready to cook and eat
3) Place some butter on your pan and let it heat up over low fire
4) Put the salmon steak in the pan and heat it till salmon turns a nice peach pink, turning its sides after a few minutes
5) Before serving, pour in the teriyaki sauce and let the salmon simmer in the sauce

The amount of time spent cooking the salmon depends on how you like it. I personally like my salmon 3/4 cooked, so immediately when it turns light pink, I let it simmer in the teriyaki sauce for a few seconds.

I prepared some butter rice, french beans, carrots and mushrooms to go with the salmon steak and all of them were really easy to prepare. While the rice was in the cooker, I placed the mushrooms on the tray above to steam it soft (so despite it looking chunky in the photo below, it was really soft, juicy and yummy). I used a steamer with a little oil to steam the french beans and carrots for approximately 10 minutes.

I never expected fish to be so easy to prepare and cook! Definitely going to have lots more fish dishes whipped up!

R's Verdict? Fantastic!!!!! And plus 5 full stars from me!

(I never really liked to give my verdict on my food, I think its what people often say, that the person who cooks, usually eats the least. I don't really know why. But I had to make an exception for this. It was so simple to prepare!)



Blogger Rene said...

Good for u Lyn. Fish is really easy to prepare and very versatile.

You go, girl!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thumbs up! The salmons makes me hungry now! :P

I am not a fish person as in the whole fish (the head to tail kind) but then I prefer to prepare fish in slice form as per your salmon type. still remember I always steam fish slices back in Australia.

3:06 PM  
Blogger bammie said...

heee...look like u r the one who can open a food pales in comparision man!! ^_^

10:37 PM  

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