Friday, February 29, 2008

Mayo Prawns

I just had to dig out this entry because its a leap year today...

No relevance?

Well, a leap year only comes once in 4 years, so an entry that reads 29 February would need to wait for 4 years for it to appear again

I guess it doesn't matter what the content of the blog entry is... :p

Back to cooking, I tried out cooking wasabi mayo prawns and was pleased to know how easy it was!!!

I didn't have wasabi, so I just tried out Mayo prawns. The end result was lumpy, but it tasted great nonetheless!

Thanks to ruth again for this recipe!

Wasabi mayo prawns

10 prawns or so.. (I didn't count them, I just grabbed all that I had)
1/2 cup Japanese mayo
1 ts juice of lemon
finely chopped parsley
1 cup flour

1. Prepare the prawns by cutting off heads and picking off legs and deshelling it. Set aside.
2. With the Jap mayo add lemon juice & parsley. Mix thoroughly.
3. Coat the prawns in flour. Heat up some oil (just enough to cover the base of the pan on high fire. When the oil is hot, shallow-fry the floured prawns quickly for about 1 minute
4. Remove the prawns from heat and stir them in the mayo paste.

I modified ruth's recipe to what I had in my kitchen and refrigerator. So I replaced things like lime to lemon, green onions to parsley and I left out the wasabi.

Great recipe to try out if you are afraid of all the oil splatter from frying etc.. This is one relatively easy frying dish :)

I think I will try more frying recipes in future!

R's Verdict? Yummy!! Was a little disappointed as he expected more prawns :p So if you are trying out this recipe, remember to be generous with the prawns!



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