Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teriyaki Chicken - western style

I decided to try my hands on some western food without having it fried. Hubby and I are starting to worry about eating too much oily/fried/outside food.

Not too sure if the western food I prepared was healthy though, but I just told him that no oil was used :) So he was pretty happy.

Introducing... Teriyaki Chicken, Mashed Potato and Caesar Salad!

Ok, I bought the Caesar salad :) It was from Cold Storage. At first, I was quite skeptical about it, but while preparing it, I took a bite and then took lots of bites more :p I had bacon bits so I sprinkled them on the salad too! Heavenly!

Teriyaki Chicken - directions

1) Marinate 3 chicken thighs with 6 tbsp of teriyaki sauce
2) Place in fridge while preparing the mashed potato
3) When the potato has finished boiling and is ready to be mashed, take the thighs out and grill them at 200 degrees celsius for 40 minutes, turning them over after 20 minutes

Mashed Potato - Sufficient to feed 4 (or 2 very greedy us)

4 potatoes
a pinch of salt
10 tbsp milk
generous portion of bacon bits

1) Put potatoes into a pot of water (completely covering them) to boil sprinkling a pinch of salt
2) Boiling should take about 30 mins or when chopsticks poke through to the core of the potato
3) Drain the potatoes out and run them under tap water
4) Thereafter, start mashing the potatoes. For me, I used a mighty normal FORK :)
5) Start adding the milk tablespoon by tablespoon and incorporate it into the mashed potato*
6) Sprinkle pepper to taste and heaps of bacon bits and savour!

* I like the texture of my mashed potato with 10 tbsp of milk. So you might want to add the milk in tablespoon by tablespoon so that you can stop once you are satisfied with its texture

R's Verdict? Yummilicious! Though the potato was indeed too much for 2 greedy people :p



Blogger jiaying said...

i love healthy western food!! the chicken looked so nicely browned (:

11:10 AM  
Blogger the cook without an oven said...


you must try it! it tasted great! But I just realised that not all teriyaki sauces are the same. Mine had a bit of mirin in it.. Will take a photo and post it up :)

12:22 PM  

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