Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A new addition

A new addition to the family!!!

When R said he wanted it, I was a little apprehensive... It would mean a lot of sacrifice and lots of changes...

But in the end, I agreed.

Introducing a new addition to our family





A brand new Tefal Activys Oven :)

Do you know how much changes and sacrifice I have to make? I have to revamp my entire blog!! Changing the header etc etc... because I am no longer a cook without an oven! (oh, did I sound a tad too excited?)

Now, you know why I was rather apprehensive in the first place?
I guess R felt that I could start making delicious cakes and muffins for him and thus his purchase.

But the first thing I got home and did was to unwrap the string, tear open the box and start baking :P
What did you expect? I was afterall a deprived baker :)

So, my first bake was English Tea Cake! Well, it was a pre-mix, so no recipe, I just wanted to test out the oven. But just look at the cake rise!!!!!!! Beautiful!!

Verdict? The cake went well with our coffee! Yums!



Blogger janis said...

how's the oven? thinking of buying one... but don't know what type of oven. saw the tefal in the mall yesterday...

12:34 PM  
Blogger the cook without an oven said...

Hi Janis!

The oven is great.. I like it.. It may not be for the great gourmet chefs, but definitely great for me as a lazy kitchen chef :D Especially as it is great value for money :)

2:32 PM  

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