Friday, February 16, 2007

Jelly Galore

I have been scouting around for jelly moulds and its amazing how difficult they are to find!!! I was busily trying to get an uncle to understand what I wanted and when he asked me is it those with sizes like small, medium and large, I assumed he already knew.

But lo and behold, because of the mandarin-english-hokkien barrier, he got me heaps of jelly instead!

Nothing near jelly moulds. In fact, indeed he got them in sizes - small, medium and large

See the mandarin words circled above? Yes. The root of all language miscommunication.

Uncle's translation and meaning, as above 果冻 [guo dong] = jelly

My translation and literal meaning 果洞 [guo dong] = jelly hole

I think I need to brush up my dialect and mandarin as much as I need to brush up my cooking :p

So, this valentine's day, I finally found my jelly moulds and decided to revisit my basics and make some konnyaku jelly - the perfect gift for all my loved ones!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Strawberry (red) & Mango (yellow) konnyaku jelly with tropical fruits!



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