Monday, May 22, 2006

Tandoori Chicken

My first try at cooking a meal... thanks to ruth's wonderful trusty & easy peasy recipe for tandoori chicken and Zu's kitchen for the strawberry yoghurt ice cream. Though, I can't help but to admit that I surfed all around to gather recipes to make the 1kg tub of yoghurt sitting in the fridge to good use :)

I had wanted to try out the saffron rice but was afraid to do so, despite spending 10 bucks on a small mini container of red stringy like herb. Questions were running thru my mind.. would it stain my rice pot? will my mum scream if she realises her pot turns a funny yellow? will my guests like the smell/taste of saffron rice? Will normal sugar do instead of brown sugar? I guess I would be more adventurous and try it out the next time round :)

My guests loved the tandoori chicken! Though it was eaten with plain rice, we finished an entire chicken. Just the 3 of us.

The tandoori was so tender because of the yoghurt and when coupled with nice sweet tomatoes, it was even more tasty! I guess I could have tandoori for the entire week :D

After meal dessert was strawberry yoghurt ice cream but I guess I was over enthusiatic with the yoghurt as it was a tad too sour. Plus, I bought strawberries that were also sour (oh well, they were cheap as well and probably not in season). And because I was so eager to try it and yet afraid it will melt, I took a few pics that turned out blurrish and have thus not posted them up

Thank goodness my guest came with cheesecake as a backup plan so after the yoghurt ice cream we induldged in some strawberry new york cheesecake and oreos cheesecake!

INGREDIENTS and DIRECTIONS for TANDOORI CHICKEN (adapted from ruth's website)

About 1 small spring chicken (well, I cut it up into 8 pieces so I could associate with ruth's recipe)

Marinade chicken

with 3 full tablespoons of plain yoghurt (I must admit I just took 3 scoops.. didn't matter if it was slightly more and over heaped)


3 slightly heaped tablespoons of "sharwood's tandoori spice mix" and added it according to the color of the marinade and to ensure all parts of the chicken was covered

And place it in the fridge overnight

Well, I do admit that the yoghurt does really tenderise the meat! *yummy!*

the tandoori chicken was grilled for about 30 mins including flipping it at about 200 degress inside the good ol' trusted electric turbo boiler :)



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Wow, your chicken does look good. Yum!

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